Services the Maale Foundation strives to deliver

As a service-driven non-profit organization, Maale Life Care Foundation caters to the needs of
unfortunate children, young men and women, and the elderly. We also serve the homeless
and drug addicts to bring them back to normal life.

We’re committed to providing mobilization support to the community members by engaging in
meaningful discussions with city officials, school administrators, governmental agencies, and
housing councils.



The Maale Foundation strives to offer the following services

Educational Support

At Maale Life Care Foundation, we realize the need for every child to be educated, irrespective of their situation or socioeconomic background. This is why we are committed to paying tuition fees for less privileged children and young adults who cannot attend college or finish their degrees due to financial woes.



Vocational Training

At Maale Life Care Foundation, we recognize that providing the young generation with job training and employment opportunities can go a long way in empowering the less privileged community and helping them measure up to society’s standard of success.

The Maale Foundation is dedicated to supporting youth career training and skill development programs, which include computers, nursing, truck driving, car mechanics, and electrical training.


Clean Water

We will work with community organizations and governmental agencies to ensure clean water is
accessible to everyone in poor rural regions in South Sudan.

We plan to construct waterpipes in rural communities to reduce the death rate in children and adults associated with unhealthy drinking water.


Services for the Disabled Children

We plan to provide food, clothing, wheelchairs, and walking sticks to the disabled, elderly,
crippled, and blind individuals.