Maale Foundation seeks to Change South Sudan war zone children through quality Education and Sports

We are an international charity agency that supports education for all children in South Sudan villages and in various refugee camps in East Africa. At Maale Foundation, we believe that education is the most powerful weapon we can use to transform vulnerable children from illiteracy stage to literacy state. We are confident that education is one of many tools that would pause the cycle of war in South Sudan in the future. Maale Foundation holds that every child must have access to quality education regardless of their environment.

Community Development Programs


School Programs

Maale Foundation wishes to build schools in the war-affected areas in South Sudan. Therefore, vulnerable children can have a chance to study in South Sudan. The schools could empower the children with quality education at home.  The communities around schools may offer additional programs and life skills in collaboration with Maale Foundation.


Sports and Recreation Clubs

Maale Foundation will create boys’ and girls’ clubs that would engage in all kinds of sports such as football, volleyball, basketball, etc. The boys club would play with other boys’ clubs. The girl club will compete with other girls’ groups. The establishment of Sports and recreation activities is not so much about winning games, but it is about building a happier, healthier, safer, and cooperative community.


Teacher Training Program

Maale Foundation would support teacher training because we believe that the training would expand teacher teaching skills, enhance time management skills, and learn better ways to inspire children. After workshop training, teachers will be capable to inspire the students to engage in class discussions by answering and asking questions. Engagement in class activities would enhance the overall development of the child, build up their capability and improve their performance.