Purpose of Maale Foundation

The purpose of the Maale Foundation is to create lifelong learning that contributes positively to society and future development. The nonprofit organization was established to promote education and economic development in South Sudan. At Maale Foundation, we believe in educating children of all walks to be ethical citizens in their communities and decent citizens of the world.

Role of Maale Foundation

The Maale Foundation strives to elevate the life of underprivileged youth by delivering the following duties:

Find scholarship opportunities for neglected children to study in primary schools.

Provide scholarships to underrepresented youth to study in secondary schools.

Provide scholarships to STEM students in college to study in the United States.

Build schools in rural communities to make education accessible for all kids.

Violence of conflict

A war broke out in South Sudan in December 2013 two years after its independence from Sudan. The civil war killed many children, leaving many children orphans and homeless. The conflict destroyed all the schools in the war zones. Many children and women are living in the various UN Camps in South Sudan. Whereas a higher of South Sudanese refugees are scattered through different parts of the world, especially in East Africa and the surrounding regions.

These people are left without the provision of basic life amenities to help make life easy for them. South Sudanese youth live daily in frustration from their inability to access good quality life amenities and better education opportunities. Consequently, they become easily depressed and are more prone to social vices and a whole lot of other negativities. The good news, though, is that they can be helped.

A lot can be done to help provide these people with access to a better quality of life and opportunities. This is why we, at Maale Foundation, are committed to channeling efforts that will help displaced South Sudanese people within South Sudan and other parts of the world to live better quality lives.

We do this by partnering with schools and colleges, and profit and nonprofit organizations to provide better services to South Sudanese youths neglected youth. More, we have extended our educational and other services to South Sudanese youths who live in various refugee camps. Most importantly, all these services are offered for free. Surely, you should partner with us to keep this project alive!