At Maale Foundation, we believe that we can do more and achieve better results when we work as a community. We recognize that our potentials of reaching and impacting the lives of a higher number of people for good increases as our community of partners grow. This is why we are always ready to welcome you as a member of our team, who is prepared to partner with us for the greater good and advancement of humanity.



Of course, you already know that there are thousands of children worldwide who are seriously in need of the educational financial assistance you can offer in whatever aspect, no matter how little. Perhaps, you are even moved by the sad realities of many less privileged people who have not done much wrong to deserve their situations. You probably are convinced to offer something for the betterment of their conditions, but you do not know how to go about it, or you do not have sufficient time to get involved. Well, here is some news that might interest you;

You can join our team now, and conveniently contribute your little quota to improve the lives of less privileged people. Do not hesitate to contact us now to forge a partnership for the ultimate advancement of humanity. Your little efforts can help to make a difference too!